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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Get a blog!"

One year ago I accomplished something AMAZING. I finished my first novel!

I was so excited. I had my sister, my mother, two of my best friends and my grandparents read it and help me make it perfect ( close to perfect as I could since I ALWAYS find things to improve if I stare at something long enough.) Everyone who I talked to told me that the hard part was over. I had written it and was writing the next book in the trilogy. I knew not to believe them. Writing isn't the hard part. The hard part is getting an agent.

I have been trying DESPERATELY to get an agent so I can be published. Alright, so maybe I'm not desperate yet. I've been trying sporadically for the last year. Lately, every other agent I come across doesn't want to represent any unpublished authors. How does one get published if they haven't been published then?

So my sister suggested I submit short stories or some of my poetry to journals and the like, although that makes me more nervous than sending out my queries. Then my Aunt Lauria suggested I keep a blog because many authors these days have been discovered for their blogging. I replied that that would work...if I was interesting AT ALL!

Still, I took her advice and started this bloggy-doodad. So there it is, my eloquent first post. Here's to hoping I get better and/or more interesting.

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