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Sunday, August 22, 2010


So I have a problem with this blog.

Yes, I intended to post my work in the hopes that some bored agent would stumble across it and cry out "Eureka! I have found my dream author!" and whisk me away to publish my work. The problem is...what work do I have to post? I hate my poetry, though everyone else seems to love it, so why should I show off something I hate? Short stories are difficult, and I think mine are AWFUL, so how can I post those?

Since I was sixteen years old I have written about Ely, Faythe and Colin. I have written about their journey and their relationships. I've actually written a lot more than I left in the final product (little encounters that made my book too episodic.) In this time, I really haven't worked on anything else. I've expanded upon these wonderful characters. I've given them life and depth. What does one post while trying to become published when they don't care about anything else?

Mind you, I've worked on other parts of the series. I've started the trilogy that comes right after Colin's book (the last in the Blessed Ones trilogy), I've designed the characters and some plot points for the third trilogy and I've written some of, what will be, the tenth book which takes place some two hundred years after the first book. I care about this place and these people. Too much, in fact, to give up.

I just don't know what to do anymore...

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