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Monday, July 12, 2010


That's right. I write god awful poetry too. Ode to my bipolar Muse.


A muse is like
A spirit guide
They are unseen
But at your side
When you need inspiration
Your muse will be there
And you’ll feel an idea
Come out of thin air
Well my muse is different
She’ll taunt me and she’ll tease
She can be with me one minute
Then she’s gone with the breeze
I’ll wrack my brain
For ideas during the day
Then when I’m ready for bed
She won’t go away
She’ll come and she’ll go
Like she hasn’t a care
I look for her influence
But she is nowhere
Then she’ll decide to come back
With inspiration galore
Bombarding me with ideas
More than ever before
She is brilliant and a tease
But here’s the hitch
I’m nothing without her
That sadistic bitch

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