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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Time Waster

Alright, how about a post about me instead of my book or Ancient Astronaut theorists?

To say that the job market in San Diego is hell would be an understatement. Honestly, I've been out of work for three years. It's more than a little depressing. So I've been going to school to occupy my time. I'm really not the school type but it keeps me busy and productive. Last semester I was supposed to have a job so I only took one class. Surprise, surprise, the job fell through. So I only had a single class on my schedule. Mind you my room is now extra clean and I've been helping my grandma with various projects but it still wasn't enough to do.

This semester I had no illusions of a job so I was ready to sign up for classes. Now I'm taking physical anthropology, Japanese, dance and kick boxing. Mind you, dance and kick boxing will be in addition to my hard core pilates class. I have a feeling my body will be mad at me for the first few weeks. I've been keeping my body active. I do pilates and I would use the treadmill or do yoga at home (sometimes both if I was feeling energetic) but this is going to kick. my. BUTT.

I'm actually incredibly excited. This isn't just cardio kick boxing either. This is honest to goodness hand to hand combat kick boxing. I'm also really excited for Japanese I have to admit. I'm not a weaboo or anything. I've just found, through watching a live action Sailor Moon show from 2004, that Japanese clicks with me. I have a vague understanding of it. So why not add a language to my repertoire that's more useful than Latin?

Of course I'll obviously be working on Treacherous Summits as well. Which I should be doing now...but I have to go to the store. Wow, I am one big waster of time.

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