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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Okay, opposing view of that review is this review which was not meant for distribution. It was meant to tell me everything wrong with my book so that I could prepare for real reviews, like Ms. Sylvester's. It...well, here.

"I love this book. There. I’ve said it. This is bar none the most fun I’ve had in weeks. There’s a Hunger Games feel to it, meaning it’s “young,” vibrant, and well written, and just when I think I’ve figured out what’s going on it surprises me. You’ve action—and the internal monologue is pitch perfect. The characters are delightful, engaging, and well considered. Chapters begin and end beautifully. The plot is seamless. The dialogue helps drive this book and its plot. There’s witty repartee throughout and the banter between characters is believable and lively."

There was more but it sort of contains spoilers. This reviewer also admitted, as I have also admitted, that there were some rough bits which made it obviously a first novel which, of course, it is. But anyway, it's nice to remember how many differing opinions there are out there. For example some hate Twilight, I don't like it but understand its value and there are millions more who cannot live without it. I love Maria V. Snyder books, my mother thinks they're okay and my best friend thinks they are dull, although I have no idea HOW she could come to that conclusion because they really aren't. Taste is a funny thing.

Okay, no more obsessing over one review. Also, if anyone ever actually reads this, might I suggest checking out the reviewer, Niko Sylvester, and her books. She's written several and, though I haven't read them, they seem interesting. They seem to be modern fantasy, fairies and the like in every day life. A very interesting genre I have always loved.

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