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Friday, November 11, 2011

Freak Out

So I'm a little on edge right now. My book has yet to go up on Amazon or Borders, as it should have already, AND I'm waiting nervously for my first review. I keep getting all antsy going "Gah! Why hasn't she written the review yet?!?" then I remember she only got it on the 5th. While one could read a book that quickly (I can read six in that amount of time if I so choose) I'd really rather she didn't rush through it and make a hasty decision about the book.

Or would I?

Maybe I'd rather she read it really really fast and had no time to notice how terrible it is. no! I want an honest review and....and I'm sure my book is good enough. I really hope that this is a normal thing for authors; fearing their book isn't nearly good enough and waiting for everyone to bash it and tell them they are worthless.

My friend Philip and my sister Rissa keep telling me that it's a good book and that it will do just fine. And I can tell when they're lying so they really think that...but is that just because they know me? Uggawug! I don't know.

And then the whole thing where my book isn't available on Amazon and the like is just freaking me out a little. It has me worried that something is wrong. I trust Lulu so it isn't anything like that I'm just worried that my book somehow didn't meet the global distribution qualifications (which it ought to have).

Okay, better plan. Write and DON'T think about these two subjects. Sounds good, yes?

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