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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Grinning Like A Loon

So I met Tamora Pierce on Sunday. Well...met is such a strong word. I listened to her speak, waited FOREVER in a line of people who reminded me why I hate people and then I stood in front of her with a stupid smile on my face whilst she signed my copy of Mastiff. Plus side, I didn't say anything stupid. As Ben Franklin once said "It is better to be silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt." Although, I did notice her tattoos as we got to the front which gave my sister something to talk about.

Of course I COULD have thanked her for her wonderful writing or told her that she inspired me to be a writer. But did I? NOPE! Just stood there, grinning like a loon. She honestly gave me a look like "This girl isn't going to attack me, right?"

Listening to her speak was so amazing though. She described a lot of her process and the things she does to people in her life and it sounded a lot like me. If nothing else, she admitted to conferring with her characters just as I do. The way she comes at her husband when she has gaps in her stories is exactly like what I put my sister through. OH, and she too collects weapons which she messes around with. It was neat to know that I may be crazy but at least I'm the same brand of crazy as a very successful and well loved author. It gives me a moderate amount of hope.

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